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The Tanuki's Den
(Pseudo-Existencial Meanderings of a Roaming Raccoon Dog)
Hey there! 

I know I promised to post a summary with pictures of my little romp though Italy, but to be honest, I've been a bit distracted lately. First I needed some time to recover and settle down from the trip, then work got crazy with preparations for the elections (OMG, I never thought I could crank out so many scripts of the exact same thing, while trying to make each one sound fresh and feel unique *pales*), then the elections came and that was both amazing and highly disappointing at the same time (I'm stoked for Obama, but appalled about the passing of  Proposition 8. I started writing a very lengthy post about Prop 8 on multiple occasions, but in the end I withdrew it since so many others have already expressed the frustration and profound disappointment I felt; no need to stoke the fire anymore, nor to preach to the choir--which I would probably be doing, considering the crowd who might read my journal). Anyway, I couldn't quite get back to Italy after the election's mixed emotions, and now that I've finally gotten over that, MFF is upon us, like in 6 days and a few hours...

Less than a week till MFF!!! *screams* OMG, I'm excited but there's still so much to do and practically no time to complete the preparations... Gah! The packing still needs to be completed, we have to buy tickets for the various events we want to check out while in Chicago after the con (we're staying a few extra days to tour the area), and for that matter, we still need to finalize our itinerary for the extra days. Plus, I need to get my fursuit ready, and, and, and, I have no days off from work till we leave next Thursday night....  *pants*

Anyway, I'm sure things will somehow sort themselves out just when everything seems hopeless. At least we have all our plane tickets and hotels lined up, and we have a few Lonely Planet guides of the cities we plan on visiting, so in the worst case scenario, I guess we can just wing it. What IS worrying me a bit is the state of my fursuit, and that's what this post is really about.

The head is mercifully complete and I think Lionel did an excellent job with it, so that's a relief. A few adjustments still need to be made to the jaw mechanism so that it opens and closes with greater ease, and one of the ears is slightly loose, but fortunately for me, Lionel will be attending MFF as well, and he's bringing his tools and materials. I've already spoken to him and he'll do the adjustments in person once at the hotel. He'll also fit me for the paws and tail which should have been complete shortly after the mask, but he's running a bit behind schedule due to excess orders. However, he said he'll have them done for sure first thing right at the start of the con.  I must say I'm a bit nervous not having them right now, but he was right on schedule for the mask (delivered, as promised, before Halloween) and he's very professional and pretty serious about his business, so I have confidence in his ability to crank out some good-looking paws in an afternoon or so...

That leaves me with the robes. There wasn't time enough for me to complete the body of the suit, so instead I'll be wearing him as a partial for now. I dunno, I purchased the fur and most of the materials I need like a year ago, but I've been procrastinating horribly on the project and now there's no time (procrastination has always been one of my weakest points since I was a kid *sighs*). So, anyway, seeing as how my tanuki fursona is a hybrid shaman/mage, I figured I could get away with wearing some flowing robes along with the head and the paws. So I ordered some basic robes from Garb The World (no time to custom-order as they would need 4 weeks, so I ordered some in-stock robes that are perhaps a bit too big for me, but the color was fine, and most importantly, they were ready to ship!).

So, the robes arrived today and they look good. However, I think they might be a bit too big for me, after all; I dunno...  I mean, the length I knew was too long (as they were made for someone 6 feet tall, and with a 38-40" chest), but I figured I could easily just trim the excess off and have them hemmed at the corner shop (or maybe even do it myself). However, it seems to me like they might be a bit too wide, I dunno. I figured the excess cloth would pleat and fold naturally, but it doesn't seem to want to do that. I dunno, I might just be fretting over nothing and just getting a bit anxious about things (I'm a bit of a perfectionist and get rather anxious when, in my mind, things aren't quite as good as how I wanted them to be--a reason perhaps why I've been procrastinating, or perhaps even avoiding, working on the body for my suit: I don't think it'll come out good enough for my tastes, particularly on my first try at even picking up needle and thread in my entire life, let alone working with synthetic fur).

ANYWAY...  I snapped a few preliminary pics so that you might take a look and tell me what you think. Are the robes way too wide?  I wanted them a bit bigger so that they wouldn't look too small when worn with the larger head and paws, but I fear I may have gone too wide. I mean, I'm about 5'6" with roughly a 36" chest and 30" waist. The robes were marked as 6' long and 38-40" chest (no waist measurement). I figured the length wouldn't matter cause I can easily cut off and hem the excess, but the width... I didn't think an extra 2-4 inches would be that much more....

Anyway, I'm yapping too much, here are the pics. Oh, I also plan on adding some gold-colored woven trim (with a Celtic motif, perhaps?) along the edges of the sleeves, the hood and the lower hem. I need to stop by Britex during my lunch break and see if they have the kind I need. Also, if people have suggestions are to where to get mage-like trim for a robe, please let me know.

So, finally, the pictures:

(Robed tanuki mage partial suit behind the cut...)Collapse )


PS. The LJ-cut didn't seem to work, sorry (shows how much I post here, eh?). At least all the pictures are safe for work!  :P

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So, the tanuki is back!

As some of you may know, I was recently in Italy for a much-needed vacation, and spent nearly 3 weeks traveling around the boot. All in all we covered some 20 cities and towns--which was quite the feat (and rather tiring too!).

I was gonna make a summary of my trip on this post, but I remembered a little something I promised myself (and our airline) I would do:  A massive rant!  I don't rant often, but when I do, I go all out!  So you can skip this post if you don't wanna hear a long rant about US Airways.

Let me say this: never, and I mean NEVER EVER fly with US Airways if you can avoid it. I've flown American, Continental, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, Aloha, Alaska, United, Virgin America, TWA (RIP), Pan AM (also, RIP), and a host of other airlines, and I've NEVER had such bad service as I just had with US Airways. OMG, what a piece of junk! (and pricey junk, at that!)

What happened? Well, mechanical problems, that's what...  Now in and of itself that's not too big a thing (many airlines have mechanical problems on their planes, and as long as they get fixed properly, then no biggie). It's how they handled the incident that left me sour and bitter and never wanting to fly with them again. See, they had us waiting on the runway for like an hour before towing the plane back to the gate and making us wait yet another hour. Again, that sucks, but stuff can happen...  Here's the catch: The plane was heading to Philly, which is one of their main hubs for connecting international flights. Like nearly half the people on that plane, we had a connecting flight (to Venice, Italy) with a little over 2 1/2 hours layover, which we thought would be plenty of time should any delays occur at SFO...

So all this time the plane is on the runway, the passenger cabin sweltering hot as hell (for some reason their AC wasn't working--but that wasn't the mechanical failure: the pilot announced it was some important navigation system, so they needed to make sure they got it right), and I'm looking at my watch... 30 minutes pass, I ask the flight attendant if we need to worry about our connection in Philly, she says everything's under control. 1 hour goes by... At this point, various people on the plane have begun to whisper about their connections, the tone is calm but there's a definite nervousness in the air; again, I remind the flight attendant that we have a connection in just over an hour, and again I'm told they are aware of it and everything's under control....  So by now they've towed us back to the gate and finally start passing around water, seeing as how people are wilting in the heat. 45 minutes to my connection... By this point I am seriously worried we aren't gonna make it, other passengers think the same and a few raised voices can be heard, arguing with flight attendants. There's a crowd gathered in the front of the plane: a ticketing agent has come onboard the plane and is trying to reschedule some passengers with connections. So I go over with my tickets in hand, he looks at them, and tells me everything is fine; with the winds on our tail and whatnot, we'll be there in time for the connection, plus supposedly the failure has been fixed and we're about to take off. Another 30 minutes or so pass, and we're still on the ground, the ticketing agent still fthere as well. At this point, even if the plane takes off NOW, we'll only have 15 minutes to transfer in Philly; I seriously believe we've missed our connection. I go back to the ticketing agent, and the guy looks me straight in the eye and tells me not to worry, that everything's under control and that they're holding the plane for a few minutes, so not to worry...  5 minutes later he disembarks, the close the hatch, and some 15 minutes later we're back on the runway, ready for takeoff. 


Once in the air, they want to charge us even for water to take some medication!!!  And when we try to purchase a sandwich ('cause even peanuts they charge you for), they've completely run out of food!  Aparently, they only stock 30-40 meals on the flight, according to the flight attendant!  FTW!!! A 5+ hour flight with over 200 people and they stock 30-40 lunches? (and not free ones, at that) ...


So, finally we land in Philly, some 10 minutes before our connection is scheduled to depart (what ever happened to "making up the time with the favorable tail winds" bull we were fed, straight to our faces?). We race down the terminal to our departure gate (knowing deep within that we've lost the flight, but still holding out some silly hope). We get to the gate and...  the flight already left!!!  DOH!!!  I felt like ripping someone a new one--and I'm not a violent tanuki, for those who know me. Had they rescheduled us back at SFO like I asked them to do multiple times (each time getting a "everything's fine" response), this wouldn't have happened. But no...  So now after much complaining, a ticketing agent books us on a flight to Munich (departing in some 4 hours), and then another one to Venice, about 2 hours after arriving at Munich.  When I try to get an upgrade or some sort of compensation for our troubles (like you can usually get with most airlines--and I've done so in the past), the agent looks at me like I'm from Mars or something and almost yells in my face that their only responsibility is to get me to my final destination, regardless of when, and that I should be glad I even got a flight and shouldn't be so ungrateful. Can you believe it?  They mess up and then they wanna rip on a paying customer for their own mistake? If I weren't a pacific tanuki strongly opposed to violence, I swear I would have made a scene right then and there. As it is, I'll just NEVER fly them again if I can help it, and I'll tell everyone I know to do the same.

Our returning flight from Italy, also with US Airways (we had a round trip ticket) didn't go much better. No mechanical problems or significant delays this time, but they did change gates on us twice, and didn't even have the courtesy to announce the change; and then once on the air,  service was terrible, the seat crooked and staff attitudes unacceptable. Honestly, US Airways has provided me with my worst flying experience I've had in a lifetime of relatively frequent flying...  I'm speechless.

Oh, to top everything off, they ripped my luggage too! Not a large tear, but still.... Heh!  Fortunately we took out travel insurance, and I'll be posting claims for the suitcase and  for making us loose our connecting flight (which ended up costing us 6 valuable hours in Venice that we utterly lost--and who knows when we'll be going back)


So, anyway, sorry about venting, but I'm glad I got that off my chest.  *grins* 

I'll post a summary of our trip (with pictures and all) as soon as I get organized. Promise...

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Wow, I said I wasn't gonna become an LJ slave, but I was hoping to at least make 1 post per week or so... Seems I've got some catching up to do!

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been pretty busy with work, family, mate and life in general. He hadn't been doing much in terms of R&R until last week, when we sort of made up for it in a serious binge of entertainment! Here's the scoop...

On Labor Day weekend, I was invited to a party at a fur's house in the South Bay which turned out to be OK. It was a mixed party (as in furs and non-furs) and I didn't know any of the non-furs, which were about 2/3 of the attendees, but it was still fun and I did catch up with some furs I hadn't seen in a while, plus I chatted up a bit with a couple persons I hadn't met before, so that's always good. We ended up staying till the wee hours of the morning, and my lion was kind enough (and fully sober, of course) to drive back. I think that was his first time driving my car, and probably his first time driving in over a year. He did great, which is nice to know... From now on, I'll ask him to help me drive when we go on longer road trips! ^_^ Beyond that, the rest of the Labor Day weekend was restful and uneventful. We had some free tickets to Great America they gave me at work, but I ended up giving them to my family (whom, I think, gave it to some friends of theirs with kids) when I visited them on Sunday evening. I dunno, I guess I was lazy to drive from SF to the south bay and back a third time (after having just done that on Saturday for the party, and then again on Sunday to spend some time with the family). No biggie, the rides are all the same...

Anyway, the rest of the week went fairly smoothly. Among other things, we saw a couple of nice plays. The first was on Labor Day proper at a park in Berkeley (I forget the name), and it was a free presentation by the Shotgun Players of a play called "Ubu for President", a satire on the nature of political power and why people run for office... Very appropriate for this election season, I might add. I give it two paws up and would recommend any locals to check it out if they can. I think it'll be playing till September 18th, and it's free!

Next up was the Berkeley furmeet on Tuesday night. I thought a larger than usual crowd ended up attending and, as usual, it was quite awesome to merrily shoot the breeze with other furs--even if, perhaps, I ended up ordering perhaps a bit too much wine... Ah, well, what can you do but drink it! *grins*

Our next event was Wednesday night at the Thick House. It was a preview showing of "A Boy and His Soul", which I also highly recommend to anyone reading this in the Bay Area. I haven't laughed as much (and been on the verge of tears, too) in a long time. It's a very funny (and at times touching and introspective) monologue dealing with the experiences of the actor and playwright growing up as a inner-city black youth in a low class neighborhood, where perhaps money was tight, but soul music always permeated and influenced their lives. Gees, that's a terrible description that really doesn't do it justice... Trust me, go see it! And I think it's under $15 (and sliding scale on some nights), a real steal for the quality of entertainment you're getting.

After that, on Friday the Lion and I went to see Nine Inch Nails at the Oracle Arena, and it was quite the concert! I'd never seen them live before, and I can't say I was a previous big fan of Trent Reznor and NIN (I like 'em; it's just that I'm not all fanboyish about them--unlike, say, Iron Maiden, whom I get my tail all twisted up in a knot for). Still, I enjoyed the concert very much, and the 2+ hour performance was awesome. The staging and LED light effects they employed were quite awesome and were the highlight for me, along with the live performance, of course. I'm still not too good at this whole LJ cut thingie (really shows how much I post here, huh?), but I'll try to include a couple of pics from the show.

And finally, to top the week off, on Sunday we went to see a presentation of the SF Opera at Golden Gate Park, playing (and singing, of course) selections from operas from their upcoming season. Although the place was packed, we were sitting near the back and there were kids and their families making tons of noise, it was a sunny, beautiful day, and it's always nice to listen to live music al fresco. In any case, we're subscribers to the SF Opera, so we have tickets to several of the performances they were doing excerpts from. Oh, BTW, if anybody wants to purchase opera tickets with a 30% discount, they gave us this online code that is valid till midnight on Wednesday (less than 24 hours from now). Visit sfopera.com/offer and enter code: SFOPARK9 for 30% off your purchase. But it's only good for a few more hours, so hurry!!! I dunno, we might pick up an extra set of tickets for one of the operas we didn't get in our subscription package.

*pants, pants, pants*

So, how's that for a busy week? It's like, we made up for all the stuff we hadn't done in the previous two weeks... with a vengeance! hehe *winks*

Anyway, this week seems similarly packed, starting tomorrow night with this DorkBot thingie in the city (some presentation about making things with LED lights, I think--we like the geeky stuff too, not just the arts *grins*), then "maybe" the Extra Action Marching Band on Thursday (always a trip, and a true San Francisco original), and an accordion shindig on Friday (that should be interesting). Then on Sunday we have a special preview of the brand new Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, and I'm really looking forward to that one! I've been waiting for YEARS for the planetarium to reopen! ^_^ (told ya I'm a geek at heart!)

Anyway, that's it for now. Darn, that was one heck of a post... See, that's why I don't like to post more often; I get sucked in.

Anyway, catch ya later, fuzzytails!

*the tanuki pads off*

PS. Forget about the LJ cut for now! *grumbles* Here are some direct links to a few pics from the NIN concert. Please bear in mind they were taken from my iPhone, so the quality is not the best...

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So this past weekend was a rather interesting one, starting with a furiend's birthday party on Saturday night and ending with the Golden Gate Renascence Faire in San Francisco.

What do you get when you mix furries with alcohol, snacks, music, fursuits, two piñatas, a BBQ, loud music and a backyard shack with comfy seating? A very nice and fairly interesting party, that's what! ^_^ The host was even kind enough to perform an impromptu rope bondage demonstration (let's just leave it at that *winks*)... So, yeah, good times all around! I also got to catch up with some furs I hadn't seen in a while, and met some new ones too. ¡Gracias por la invitación, mapache! *grins*

Then on Sunday, the ren faire was pretty decent too. I hadn't had the opportunity to attend a ren faire in many years (thanks in part to the fact that I normally work weekends), so it was refreshing to be able to go for once. My lion and I arrived there around noon and immediately spotted some furry presence right at the gates. Once inside, we met up with a few more furs and did the standard tour of the place (you know, visit all the merchants, grab some food, see the "pub", etc.). Not bad at all, especially considering it's only the fourth year of this particular ren faire. This time around I didn't get a chance to go in costume (I had been thinking of donning some highlands garb, but the prohibitive cost of kilts--$200+ for a cheap one, can you believe it?--put a damper on things). Still, I did get to observe quite a few costumes. Most of them were either meh or just OK, but there were a few show-stoppers as well; particularly some of the armored knights...

Anyway, we also saw some shows and performances, including a full-contact jousting competition. During a fight sequence in the competition, one of the performers I guess screwed up (or, at least I'd like to think it was a screw up) and, with his quarterstaff, jabbed the guy he was fighting right near the eye... Ouch! Immediately there was like a river of blood gushing out of the other guy's temple. It just kept flowing and flowing nonstop, but the injured guy (who was playing a squire for the dastardly black knight) just soldiered on like nothing had happened. I'm sure the guy needed some stitches afterward (that gash looked really nasty), but I guess, as they say, "the show must go on". At least he just got hit with a wooden quarterstaff and not one of the very real and unpadded weapons that were also being used (swords, battleaxes, lances and a mace). That could have been deadly... Full contact jousting indeed!

After that, we wrapped up the day with a final show (an ol' sailor and his birds doing tricks) and stopped by the tavern for some mead to wash down the toils of the day ^_^ But, alas, that would not be, for they had run out of mead and ale by the time we got there. Gah! You can't run out of mead and ale at a ren faire, you just can't! That's a capital crime! No tip for the wenches or the barkeep, that's for sure...

Anyway, aside from that little snafu with the drink, it was a very enjoyable day, and moreso being in the company of my lion and a couple other furs.

Well, that's all the exciting news I care to report. Maybe I'll attach a few pics as well.


*the tanuki scampers off*

Here's a couple shots of the squire who got hit:

And here are a few more random shots of the faire:

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So last Friday I went with the mate and a small group of local furs to check out Meet the Feebles at the Castro Theater. It was part of a triple feature on the first night of a week-long 80's fantasy flicks they are playing at the Castro. The other two films we saw (Return to Oz and Beetlejuice) were pretty good, and I'd never seen them on the large screen before, but Meet the Feebles completely hit me in a way I wasn't expecting.

Now, I went to the theater not knowing much more about Meet the Feebles other than it was an old cult film by Peter Jackson involving some foul-mouthed animal puppets... Now, foul-mouthed doesn't begin to cover it. OMG, they make Avenue Q look like the Teletubbies! Quite a few of the Feebles had downright nasty personalities, and the movie itself was rather twisted, I thought, yet highly entertaining at the same time! I wonder if that says something about us as humans that we can find such twisted things "entertaining" and downright hilarious. A form of schadenfreude, perhaps?

Anyway, it was very fun and quite a few furs showed up throughout the course of the night; more than I was expecting for a movie screening in SF. I think we had a total of 16, some from as far away as Santa Cruz and Monterey. So yeah, good times! We should do these more often...

*the tanuki scampers off*

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Well, the official Further Confusion 2008 (or, actually, FC 2009) picnic and camp out was this past weekend, and it was a whole lot of fun! 2 days and 2 nights of furry mayhem in the Hayward hills, by Lake Chabot. Very fun indeed! I only wish my lion could have been there to share it with me, but he was unfortunately on a trip out of state that very same weekend... Still, it was tons of fun and I got to catch up with furs I hadn't seen or talked to in a while (it's amazing how easy it is to loose connection with people, what with work, family, mate, and other RL events going on all at once), and I met new ones as well too!

It is because it seems so easy to loose touch with people (and at the request of a couple of furiends) that I've decided to actually start updating my journal from time to time! Not that I plan on becoming an LJ slave by any means, but at least I'll make a post when there's something interesting worth mentioning. Anyway, back to the FC picnic/camp out...

It actually was quite good, if a bit smaller in attendance compared to last year--or at least that was my impression, anyway (still, there were well over 100 in attendance). Good drinks and food (ribs, steak, burgers, hot dogs and sausages, plus salads, desserts and tons of snacks), and most importantly, good company! And, like a good little tanuki, I'm proud to say I poured over 4 liters of sake to various furs (and myself too, of course!), over the course of the weekend! Campai!!! ^_^

There certainly were less people fursuiting this time around (maybe about 20 or so), but that was mostly attributed to the pretty intense heat throughout the day. I know several furiends who brought their suits but didn't suit up because it was just too hot. I also brought my brand new tanuki suit along but didn't suit up either, partly due to the heat. However, at the merciless insistence of a few furiends, I did get in suit for a little while later that night, back at the campsites. I must say it was rather "interesting" walking about on uneven terrain, with almost no light (except for camp fires and flashlights) and with the suit's very limited vision to begin with (which at night translates to almost zero vision). I got lots of hugs and scritches, but most of the time I couldn't tell who it was, heh! A very bizarre experience to say the least, but it was actually quite fun too!

Beyond that, everything went well at the picnic, I thought. We had some fuzzies and scalies running about wreaking fun havoc, and even a tiger stuck up in a tree *grins* (well, not really stuck, but he did spend quite some time up there and gave more than a few a bit of a fright as he hung suspended upside down from a thin branch some 20 feet up in the tree). FC '09 memberships were sold at a special discounted rate (which I took advantage of to register both me and my lion for next year), and they were also selling a second printing of the highly popular FC'08 t-shirts (to my knowledge, the only ones ever to completely sell out before the end of a furry con). I think before the end of the day, there were no S, M or L sizes left; they just flew. I was lucky to snag some of the last couple of S's for me and my mate! ^_^

Anyway, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I'll post a few pics of the picnic once they're all sorted out and such.

Catch ya later!

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OK, so earlier today I bumped into this video clip pitting Lamborghini's latest creation vs a Ducati 999 to see which one could post a fastest lap time... Watch the short clip and find out who won at http://www.what-a-day.com/file.php?id=67

So what does this have to do with furries? Well, on the surface, not much at all. But I've noticed many furries have a penchant for sports cars, fast bikes and speed in general; even if most of them will never be able to afford a fraction of such machines... So, anyway, enjoy the clip, you furry speed demons!


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*a small perky-eared tanuki scampers in*

So I guess this is my first post on Livejournal, or any other online journal, to be honest. Wasn't really planning on starting a journal, but then I needed an account in order to post on someone else's journal, and one thing led to the other. I'm still not sure whether I'm going to keep writing in this journal, or if this is a one-time deal *shrugs* Only time will tell...

So, in case you haven't noticed by the description in my profile, or the picture of my fursona, I'm a furry and intend to use this journal to talk about and/or pursue furry interests. If you don't know what furry is, feel free to ask; I'll answer almost any question that is within my knowledge, as long as you're polite, ask sincerely without ulterior motives and can keep an open mind. I can assure you the answer is most likely not what you expect (or what is portrayed in the media)...

I won't be talking about very personal or private real-life issues, or anything that might delve into my personal and/or work matters, so don't even ask *smiles* Those who know me in person know who I am, and that's all that counts... Also, please leave the drama by the door before entering; drama is the one aspect of the furry fandom that I don't care much for (there's way too much of it--especially in places like this).

Other than that, what can I say? I've been a furry since 2005, been to several furry conventions (including Further Confusion and Califur--and soon Midwest Furfest for 2007), I love all sorts of anthropomorphic art and fiction (so long as it's good, tasteful and/or well-written) and have started a small yet growing collection of art and literature I've picked up at various conventions. I haven't created any furry art myself (I suck at drawing and such), though I have written a few short stories and other meanderings (mostly derived out of online role-playing sessions I've held in the past). I may or may not post some of them at a later date; we'll see...

What else? Ah, yes... I'm fortunate enough to live in an area with a high furry population per capita, and as such, I've managed to meet quite a few other furs in person. In fact, I attend various furmeets, parties and other furry events on a regular basis. Moreover, I can say that most of the furs I know and talk to, I know them face-to-face, rather than online. This is rather atypical for most furries (who, more often than not, only ever meet online), and for this I count myself very lucky as well. Indeed, there's nothing like face-to-face communication; I don't care how advanced technology gets, it's still no replacement for good old-fashioned interaction in person. And face-to-face is the only way you'll truly find your significant other (sorry, don't believe in Internet dating), which I'm also fortunate enough to have found--and hopefully for life! *beams* (and a fur too, just minutes away from me!!!) Gosh, I love my mate so much, and I feel so blessed that we met and ended up together; it's really changed my life in many ways... But I said previously that I wouldn't be giving details of my personal life, so I'll stop here!

Anyway, don't know what else to add at this moment, so I guess I'll just shut up for now *grins* More to come later. Maybe.....



*the tanuki bounds off into the darkness*

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